Awareness About Diabetes and Heart Disease in India

According to the health professional in India awareness about diabetes and heart disease is still below the expectation. There is no doubt about this that after the arrival of communication pieces of stuff like radio, television and Internet the awareness about diabetes and heart disease has increased but not up to the mark. It is not about awareness only but it is related to the available medical facilities. Up to 1985, there were very few methods were available to diagnose diabetes and very few medicines were available to treat diabetes.

About Development

These developments are one of the main causes behind the increased average age in India despite India being still behind in regard to average age as compared to the Western world. As the number of patients started to increase in India; the public sector health infrastructure could not match the quality of treatment due to a lack of Morden medical equipment and expert health professionals because a majority of young doctors do not want to go to rural areas. They want to work in private sector hospitals considering their personal future.  

Although there has been an increase in awareness of diabetes and heart disease in India over the years, more outreach and education are still required. In order to raise awareness of these situations in India, keep in mind the following:

Diabetes Awareness:

  • Initiatives have been taken to increase diabetes awareness in India.
  • To inform the public about diabetes risk factors, symptoms, and preventative methods, a number of organisations, including government agencies, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and healthcare providers, run campaigns and awareness programmes.
  • These programmes seek to encourage early diagnosis and improved lifestyle choices in people.

Heart Disease Awareness:

  • There has been an improvement in India’s understanding of heart disease, especially coronary artery disease, heart attacks, and stroke.
  • Programmes for community outreach, medical association efforts, and public health campaigns all play an essential role in raising knowledge of the risk factors, symptoms, and preventive strategies associated with heart disease.
  • The focus is on making lifestyle changes, such as giving up smoking, switching to a healthy diet, getting regular exercise, and controlling blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

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